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September 25, 2012

Are Evergreen Air’s Fleet of B-747 Tankers too busy with weather modification to fight wildfires 6

Are Evergreen Air’s fleet of B-747 Tankers too busy with weather modification to fight wildfires?

On March 24, 2009 Evergreen International Aviationannouncedtheir B-747 Supertanker was certified to fly by the Interagency Air Tanker Board and ready to fight wildfiles.  The large-scale aerial fire fighting jet uses a delivery system  patented by Evergreen Air, capable of delivering large payloads of retardant at safe altitudes above terrain.

Evergreen Air issued an anonymous statement on their website in response to numerous queries about the availability of their  fleet of 747 Supertankers to help fight wildfires in Colorado.

According to Evergreen Air, the 747 tankers –  partly designed to assist in containing disasters like the 2012 Colorado fires and hundreds more – were not allowed to be used due to flaws in US Forest Service (USFS) policies.

a) Even though Evergreen’s 747 Tanker is capable of dropping a 20,000 pound payload of fire retardant the USFS allowable upper limit for “tank size” is 5,000 pounds.

b) Due to recent changes to the US Forest Service procurement policies only small businesses are eligible for contract awards concerning air tanker assets.

Evergreen alleges they’ve never been told why their tankers have not been activated by USFS and can only “speculate” as to why.

But documents on their own website contradict this assertion.

In March, 2009 the USFS  and NASA performed an “Operational Test and Evaluation Summary Report on VLAT  (Very Large Aerial Tanker) Operational

The USFS favorable MISSION COMPATIBILITY statement speaks for itself:  “It was concluded that VLAT aircraft are probably compatible with the wildland fire suppression mission, provided that they are used to supplement other aerial retardant delivery platforms rather than replace them in all environments.”

Q. Why would Evergreen spend millions on B-747 upgrades without securing a market for their firefighting services in advance. ?

Q. Why was a favorable MISSION COMPATIBILITY finding by USFS followed years later by a form letter that claimed Evergreen has never been told why their tankers have not been activated by USFS and can only “speculate” as to why.?

Q. Since 2009, why has Evergreen apparently failed to pursue the USFS’s findings in order to meet their business plan to activate their fleet of tankers into fire-fighting service?

A. According to their patent for deployment of various compounds (US 7,413,145) the Tanker fleet is equally adept at performing WEATHER MODIFICATION.

Cynics could call Evergreen’s released statement a “cover story” to hide the 747 tankers real, full time mission of covert geoengineering and weather modification.


The dark history of Evergreen Air as a CIA asset for covert chemtrail spraying may provide a clue as to why they can overlook a firefighting contract with the USFS.

While not fighting fires there is little reason to believe the 747 Tanker is sitting idle on some tarmac  The same system patent that allows disbursement of fire-fighting compounds is also rated for “weather modification” where tons of aerosols can be released in a line up to 250 miles or in huge clusters of interrupted batches to form artificial cirrus clouds.

November 18, 2013

CIA Asset, Evergreen International Airlines Going Out of Business (?) 1

Evergreen Air Statement Blamin USFS For Not Activating

US Department of Agriculture and Forest Service LogoComment: Since 2009, Evergreen Air has allegedly been prepared to contract with the US Forestry Service (USFS) to use their huge 747 tankers and patented deployment system to control several seasons of horrendous wildfires.

So why has the USFS under the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) refused to contract with Evergreen’s advanced firefighting technology to protect US citizens and rural properties?

If the spooks are willing to use deadly weather weapons against the public, they would also be willing to allow and encourage fires to burn down entire rural neighborhoods for the sake of Agenda-21. Forcing the public (even millionaires) into the cities is the final solution with the Unites Nations New World Order engineered by the super-elite.

If the USDA is complicit with Monsanto and engineered crops it’s easy to see how the bureaucracies are participating in undermining the health, safety and welfare and the Constitution of the United States to drive a globalist agenda.

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Breaking news: Evergreen International Airlines reported to be ceasing operations

Posted by David Harris on November 8, 2013 (source)

According to a report from a news service in Evergreen International Airlines’ home state of Oregon, the all-cargo carrier has told employees it will end operations within three weeks. The report, in the Yamhill News Register, starts as follows:

“Evergreen International Airlines — key remaining component of Evergreen International Aviation, following the selloff of its helicopter division — has announced to employees by voicemail that it will be closing its doors effective Friday, Nov. 29, according to current and former employees. Calls seeking confirmation from the company were not returned.”

Evergreen currently has three 747-400 freighters (one BCF, two BDSFs) but in the past has operated a much larger fleet. Much of its flying was charter service in support of the US military, and as has been widely reported, there has been a sharp drop in demand as the US winds down its military activities.

Evergreen International Airlines

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For the airline owned by the Evergreen Group, see EVA Air. For the aviation services group, see Evergreen International Aviation.
Evergreen International Airlines
Evergreen Airlines logo.svg
IATA ICAO Callsign
Founded 1975[1]
Commenced operations November 28, 1975
Ceased operations December 31, 2013
Hubs John F. Kennedy Int’l Airport

Hong Kong International Airport

Fleet size 4
Destinations 11
Parent company Evergreen International Aviation
Headquarters McMinnville, Oregon

Evergreen International Airlines was a cargo airline based in McMinnville, Oregon, United States. It operated contract freight services, offering charters and scheduled flights, as well as wet lease services. It operated services for the U.S. military and the United States Postal Service, as well as ad hoc charter flights. Its crew base was at John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York.[2]

Evergreen also maintained a large aircraft maintenance and storage facility at the Pinal Air Park in Marana, Arizona that the company acquired from theCIA‘s Air America fleet.[3][4][5]


The airline was established by Delford Smith (founder and owner) and began operations in 1960 as Evergreen Helicopters. It acquired the operating certificate of Johnson Flying Service and merged it with Intermountain Airlines from Pacific Corporation (a CIA front company) in 1975 to form Evergreen International Airlines. The holding company, Evergreen International Aviation, formed in 1979, wholly owns the airline.[2]

One of Evergreen’s Boeing 747 airplanes (registered N473EV, which suffered an in-flight engine separation in 1993) starred in the 1990 action film Die Hard 2. Additionally, Evergreen Boeing 727’s were featured in numerous films including Donnie Brasco with Al Pacino, and The Rookie with Clint Eastwood.

On November 9, 2013, it was announced that Evergreen Airlines would close on November 30, 2013 due to financial troubles.[6][7] This information was initially denied by Evergreen, but shortly afterwards admitted to, [8] “Evergreen International Airlines flew its last flight Monday [December 2, 2013] Mike Hines, chairman of its parent company board, acknowledged…”[9]

Evergreen also owned a museum and waterpark, called the Evergreen Wings and Waves Waterpark. This remains open, despite the company’s bankruptcy. One of Evergreen’s 747-100s is mounted on the roof of the waterpark, serving as the housing for the top of one of the waterpark’s slides.

On December 31, 2013, Evergreen International Airlines filled a Chapter 7 petition in federal bankruptcy court in Delaware. The bankruptcy filing lists seven entities as submitting the Chapter 7 petition: Evergreen Aviation Ground Logistics Enterprise, Evergreen Defense and Security Services, Evergreen International Airlines, Evergreen International Aviation, Evergreen Systems Logistics, Evergreen Trade, and Supertanker Services.[10]


Evergreen International Airlines operated the following freight services (as of December 2012):[citation needed]


An Evergreen Boeing 747-200Ftaxiing at Frankfurt Hahn Airport,Germany. (2010)

An Evergreen Boeing 747-200Ftaxiing at Frankfurt Hahn Airport,Germany. (2010)

Boeing 747-230F landing at Stockholm – Arlanda

An Evergreen Boeing 747-200C. (2007)

The Evergreen International Airlines fleet consisted of the following aircraft (as of December 2012):[11]

Evergreen International Airlines Fleet
Aircraft In Fleet Orders Stored Notes
Boeing 747-100SF 11 Supertanker
1 stored at VCV
Boeing 747-200C 2
Boeing 747-200B/SF 6
Boeing 747-200F/SCD 1
Boeing 747-400BDSF 1
Boeing 747-400BCF 2
Boeing 747-400F 1 Operated for Saudia

Evergreen previously operated three Boeing Dreamlifters to transport the Boeing 787 parts to Boeing, but the contract was given to Atlas Air in September 2010. This was due to Boeing’s rescheduled delivery of the Boeing 747-8Fs ordered by Atlas Air to increase their current fleet. The “Dreamlifter” is the logistic support aircraft for Boeing’s global Boeing 787 Dreamliner production.[12] The company was also scheduled to operate the SOFIA Boeing 747SP aircraft for NASA and the German Aerospace Center (DLR) at NASA‘s Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, CA (in the silicon valley near San Jose).[13]

The airline modified a Boeing 747-100 for aerial firefighting, receiving final certification from the FAA in October 2006.[14] Compared to existing large water bombers and airtankers, the Evergreen Supertanker was planned to offer at least seven times more fire retardant capacity.[15] In December, 2010, Israel hired Evergreen’s fire-fighting aircraft to assist in firefighting efforts of the 2010 Mount Carmel forest fire.[16]

In August 2007, Evergreen announced that it had ordered 3 Boeing 747-400BCF to upgrade its commercial operations, with deliveries in summer 2009.[17] In March 2010, the orders have not yet been delivered. In December 2012, Evergreen ceased operations of the last three 747-200s; they are parked atPortsmouth International Airport at Pease.

Retired fleet[edit]

As of August 2006, Evergreen International Airlines previously operated the following aircraft:[citation needed]

A division of Evergreen, Evergreen Airspur, also operated de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter STOL aircraft in scheduled commuter airline operations in southern California.[18]

Accidents and incidents[edit]

  • March 18, 1989: Evergreen International Airlines Flight 17, a DC-9 was on a cargo flight from Kelly Air Force Base outside San Antonio to Tinker Air Force Base outside of Oklahoma City, with a stop at Carswell Air Force Base in Fort Worth. As the plane was departing, the cargo door on the plane opened; the pilot immediately requested emergency return to Carswell. As the plane was approaching on base leg, the cargo door fully opened, which caused the plane to yaw to the left and right, and then roll, until crashing near Saginaw in an inverted position. Both pilots on board were killed. The investigation found that when closing the cargo door, the copilot did not close it fully, but since the locked and latched indicators were applied incorrectly, the copilot thought the door was fully locked.[19]
  • March 31, 1993: lee waves were believed responsible for the in-flight separation of the #2 engine on an Evergreen Boeing 747-100, registration: N473EV, near Anchorage, Alaska.[20] The plane involved was used in the movie Die Hard 2. The plane was since repaired, then flew until 2001.


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Evergreen International Aviation

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Evergreen International Aviation
Fate Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation
Founded 1960 as Evergreen Helicopters
Defunct 2014
Headquarters McMinnville, Oregon, United States

Evergreen International Aviation, Inc. was a global aviation services company based in McMinnville, Oregon, United States. Founded in 1960, Evergreen was primarily known for commercial helicopter operations in agricultural and forestry applications. The airline division, Evergreen International Airlines, operated all-cargo Boeing 747 freighters. Evergreen ceased all aviation-related operations in 2013 due to financial challenges.


Monument to Capt Michael King Smith, USAF, son of Evergreen founder Del Smith, at the entrance to Evergreen International Aviation headquarters near the McMinnville Municipal Airport. Capt Smith, an F-15 Eagle pilot in theOregon Air National Guard, was killed in an auto accident in 1995.

Delford M. Smith (1930-2014) founded the company as Evergreen Helicopters in 1960.[1][2] Smith was a leading innovator in the commercial use of helicopters, and his company was the first to use helicopters for spraying fertilizer and herbicides, spreading seeds and fighting forest fires. Del Smith and maintenance supervisor Norman McGrew developed a helicopter spray system called the “PaceSpreader” which permitted accurate, fast delivery of granular agents over large areas.[2] The PaceSpreader allowed the helicopter to operate at relatively high speeds while still delivering the product evenly and with measured precision. In 1972 the company expanded into the use of heavy lift helicopters, acquiring a number of Sikorsky S-61, known in Southeast Asia as the H-3 “Jolly Green Giant”. In March 1973 the massive Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane was added to the fleet, with a lift capacity of 20,000 pounds.

In 1974 Smith became aware that the Johnson Flying Service was looking to sell its assets. The business was a small supplemental carrier that had two 94-passenger Lockheed L-188 Electra four-engine turbo-prop passenger aircraft.[2] More importantly, it held a supplemental air carrier operating certificate which allowed it to operate as an airline. After significant deliberation, the Civil Aeronautics Board approved the transfer in 1975. Evergreen International Airlines was officially formed and incorporated on 16 April 1975 as a subsidiary of Evergreen Helicopters, Inc.[3] The business subsequently continued to expand and split into a number of subsidiary divisions.[4] The main subsidiary was Evergreen International Airlines which operated the Boeing 747 as a cargo or tanker aircraft to destinations around the world. The 747-200 “Evergreen Supertanker” can deliver 20,000 gallons of water on a fire, nearly ten times what can be delivered by a conventional forest service tanker such as the Lockheed P-3 Orion.[5]

Scheduled passenger airline operations[edit]

The airline division conducted some scheduled passenger operations as well over the years with Douglas DC-8 jet and Lockheed L-188 Electra turboprop aircraft and also operated a commuter airline operation in southern California as Evergreen Airspur with de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter STOL turboprops.[6]

U.S. government work[edit]

Evergreen was part of the US Civil Reserve Air Fleet and the International Peace Operations Association. It was known to do work for the United States federal government, including fire suppression for the U.S. Forest Service, troop transportation in the Gulf War of 1991, as well as helicopter transportation for oil rig firefighters at the end of hostilities. The company provided aviation services for the Central Intelligence Agency as well, including transporting the Shah of Iran from Panama to the United States in 1980.[4]

Sale of Evergreen Helicopters[edit]

Evergreen Helicopters was sold to Erickson Air-Crane in March 2013 in a $250 million deal. The sale provided Evergreen International Aviation with the liquidity it needed to continue operations. Said Mr. Smith: “The sale of EHI provides us with needed capital to repay existing debt and gives us the liquidity to support our airline and remaining businesses.”[7] The deal closed in the second quarter of 2013 and was contingent upon Erickson Air-Crane obtaining the necessary financing.[8]


On November 8, 2013 Evergreen International Airlines, a subsidiary of Evergreen International Aviation, announced via a voicemail to their employees that all operations would cease effective November 29, 2013.[9]

In 2014, Evergreen declared Chapter 7 bankruptcy[10][11] and began a liquidation of assets, including its headquarters campus in McMinnville.[12]

Current fleet at the time of the end of aviation operations in 2013[edit]

Evergreen International Aviation Fleet:
Aircraft Active Stored Notes
Boeing 747-100F 1 10 1 Converted to Evergreen Supertanker
Boeing 747-200F 0 9
Boeing 747-400F 4 0

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