This sounds like a pedophile cattle auction. These people should be charged criminally. These freaks already allegedly raped and brainwashed, then murdered, her mother, now they are already starting on her apparently:

2015-05-04 13_52_12-annaannaanna3anna2 anna02015-05-04 13_50_20-Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter the spitting image of tragic star _ Page Six

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WARNING: These MK Ultra videos of Anna Nicole’s torture at the hands of her apparent murderer and child molester, Satanist Howard K. Stern (pictured below videos) are extremely disturbing. If you still doubt the Nazi’s MK Ultra program being used in Hollywood today, you won’t after seeing this:

Excerpts from “Anna Nicole ‘Having Brain Trouble'” by Pseudo-Occult Media:


The above video is a more complete version of the infamous ‘Clown Video’ of Anna Nicole Smith in her dissociative child-like alter state (not knowing what a camera is, her general demeanor etc) which has finally been released by the courts. The video is kind of sad that 9 year old girl Riley is the one that seems the most sane and intelligent in the video correctly stating that “She’s having brain trouble… brain trouble”, in a joking way but I think you can hear the confusion and concern in her voice (joking on the surface at first but seems genuinely concerned about An|nA’s mental state). It was Riley’s birthday party, wearing a bikini which seems a little inappropriate considering Stern’s filming of her (who is one of Anna’s primary handlers keeping her controlled through countless drugs [like the hypnotic sedative chloral hydrate] and manipulation [aided by the hypnotic drugs and whatnot], I was originally under the impression no drugs were found in her system but I think that was proven false). It was Riley’s father Ford Shelley (they also owned the house there that Anna Nicole was living in) who took the tape and released segments of the video to the media. Some people will think Anna Nicole is just playing along to entertain Riley but I feel she genuinely does not remember that she is pregnant (she is eight months pregnant here) and thinks the feeling is gas, and genuinely believes the doll is her actual baby (standard programming). In the video it is worth noting the symbolic motifs around the place where this was shot, note the sun motifs on the garden pavement’s square slabs, the twin pillars inside the house (seen in the originally published clown video). What follows is the transcript of the video and the CNN article that accompanied it from yesterday. After that I’ve added a few more images in of Anna that suggest what she was when she was alive (a Monarch programmed Presidential Model mind controlled sex slave).

Los Angeles, California (CNN) — Video of Anna Nicole Smith appearing to mistake a doll for her unborn child was just the reality TV star acting for a camera, a defense lawyer for Howard K. Stern says.

Prosecutors presented the tape in a preliminary hearing last week as evidence that Stern and two doctors conspired to keep Smith in a drug stupor in the two years before her death.

In what has become known as the “clown video,” a 9-year-old girl seems uncertain whether Smith is pretending or is really having “brain trouble.”

Acting or not, Smith’s face — painted like a clown’s — is a disturbing sight in light of her death from “acute combined drug intoxication” six months later.

Stern shot the 45-minute-long video at Smith’s Bahamas home on August 12, 2006, at a ninth birthday party for Riley Shelley, the daughter of a friend, according to court testimony.

Real or pretend?

The video begins with Stern — behind the camera — talking to “Mark.” Other remarks suggested Mark was a video editor who he expected would get the tape.

“Riley, paint, paint Anna’s face,” Stern said to the child.

As the child draws the clown face on Smith, Stern is heard saying, “By the way, Mark, the post is white.”

“Huh?” Smith said.

“I’m just giving somebody notes,” Stern said. “Telling him that what color is white.”

Stern is also heard directing the child.

“Riley, let me get just one tight one of you like you’re doing her makeup,” Stern said.

‘Brain trouble’

One segment involved Riley telling Smith she could not go with her to a water park because of her pregnancy. Smith was responsive when Stern asked her to repeat a line.

Smith: “I want to go.”

Riley: “You can’t.”

Smith: “Why not?”

Stern: “Cause of your baby.”

Smith: “My baby’s over there sleeping.”

Stern: “Your other baby, your baby down there.”

Riley: “Your baby down there.”

Stern: “That one.”

Smith: (Pointing to her pregnant abdomen) “I think I just have a little gas.”

Stern: “Say it again. Say it again.”

Smith: “I think I just, I think I’m just some gas trouble.”

When Riley walks to the side of a swimming pool to get the doll — which was a birthday gift to her from Smith — Stern directs the child to do it again for the camera.

Stern: “Let me get a shot of the baby. Let me just get a shot of the baby. No. Yeah. Put it down, OK.”

Riley: “Look. She’s having brain trouble, brain trouble.”

‘Footage is worth money’

Another segment raises questions about whether Smith knew Stern’s intentions with the video.

Stern: “Your boob just showed. Anna, watch your boob. Your right one. It just keeps popping out.”

Riley: “I’ll fix it.”

Stern: “Don’t show that Mark. If you even get this tape. This footage is worth money.”

Smith: “Huh?”

Stern: “I said this footage is worth money.”

Smith: “Why? What footage?”

Stern: “This thing you’re looking into.”

Smith: “That’s the camera.”

‘Howard, seriously help’

At one point, Riley appeared to be confused and worried about Smith’s condition.

Riley: “Anna? Hey, Bunny, Bunny.”

Smith: “Uh, huh.”

Riley: “Are you doing this all for the video?”

Smith: “Doing what?

Riley: “Caring for the baby.”

Smith: “Huh? No, this is my baby.”

Riley: “Howard, help. Howard, seriously help. Cut off the tape.”

Key witnesses

Riley and her parents have become key witnesses in the criminal case against Stern and co-defendants Dr. Khristine Eroshevich and Dr. Sandeep Kapoor.

An investigator testified that Riley told him she saw Stern pour a liquid “medicine” for Smith before the video was recorded.

Riley’s mother, Gina Shelley, also described seeing Stern feed pills to Smith, the investigator said.

Their testimony and the use of the “clown video” at trial, however, is complicated by the hostile relationship between the family and Stern.

Smith’s estate, which Stern controls, is involved in a lawsuit against Riley’s father, Ford Shelley. Stern says Shelley stole the tape from Smith’s home the day after she died.

Segments of the video were broadcast in the weeks after Smith’s death on February 8, 2007.

Shelley was already involved in a legal dispute with Smith before her death over ownership of the Bahamas house where she lived. She said the house in the Bahamas was a gift to her from Shelley’s father-in-law, G. Ben Thompson.

Defense lawyers said the tape should not be admitted as evidence because, they said, a section that would have shown Smith was acting was edited out.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Robert Perry said the video did not make a difference in his decision to send the case to trial.

[End of CNN article.]

It’s pretty clear she had been programmed with the original public Monarch mind controlled Presidential Model kitten Marilyn Monroe ‘in mind’ as it were; constantly invoking her image/personality in photos and at events.

Recreating MM’s ‘Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend’ symbolic scene for the PeTAphiles (diamonds often signifies a Presidential Model), added another one above where they show Anna’s little dogs are actually called ‘Marilyn’ (referencing the dehumanized Monroe) ‘Sugar Pie’ (undoubtedly one of Anna’s alter names also; shown on the door to her bedroom pictured further down) and ‘Puppy’.

Note the catwalk event pictured below (looking very Marilyn-esque), in the video above she is interviewed on a zebra duality print chair.

The first I ever saw of Anna Nicole was her TV show on E! ‘The Anna Nicole Smith Show’ which my sisters were into so I inevitably watched a few episodes but I don’t really remember any of it (apart from being a little confused by her relationship to the old billionaire, assuming like most people that she was just a gold-digger). Above is the intro of it (handler Howard K Stern and her deceased son Daniel in it) below at an event for the DVD release or something (note the henna tattoo with the point in a triangle and such).

Her final film before her death (she was also in Naked Gun 33 1/3rd [33.333333..; the film contains a bevvy of mind controlled individuals… even O.J.!]) ‘Illegal Aliens’ where Anna Nicole performs in her child-like alter again (+ alien programming obviously) which you can tell from the below trailer; also note the explicit mind control references (1:30, WWE wrestler [most are MK’d] Chyna saying: ‘Mind Control Serum’ with Anna Nicole tied up [back to back with the other guy]).

‘M M’ Marilyn Monroe

This is a good illustration of ‘their’ twisted MK humor, Anna Nicole attended the 2005 MTV Australian Music Awards (remember the 2007 Illuminati one?) where she presented the ‘Best Video’ award to a band called… (you really can’t make this stuff up!) ‘The Dissociatives’…. Wakey Wakey! Check out their symbolic album cover.

At the red carpet of the same awards ceremony/ritual the Osbourne’s (Ozzie being a little too blatant with his daughter Kelly) and Carmen Electra.

She has recreated Marilyn Monroe’s famous ‘scarlet woman’ photo. Both she and Marilyn had the usual personality transformation, changing their names; Marilyn Monroe from Norma Jean Mortenson, Anna Nicole Smith from Vickie Lynn Marshall. They both died in similar circumstances, and other similarities.

Marilyn served as the very first Playboy playmate (the above Marilyn one is from a Playboy shoot), Anna Nicole has also been a ‘bunny’, as I noted at the end of the ‘Playboy is Monarch’ post.

Anna Nicole being permanently marked above and below note the mermaid is trapped by vines.

Note her Playboy tattoo (she has a lot of tattoos mainly for her children and some symbolic ones like a mermaid), the vest reads “looking for daddy.” (Anna Nicole was sexually abused by her pedophile father according to her half-sister Donna Hogan).

Speaking of ‘daddy’, her ‘sugar-daddy’ (what most people think anyway, she was gold-digging… not for herself, but for her handlers’ benefit who wanted his money. [Howard K Stern etc]) billionaire oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall, note Anna’s duality symbolic top (subliminal pyramids in there too).

Her (may not be her real/main one though; sourced from here ‘At Home With Anna Nicole Smith’) bedroom contained the usual imagery with Marilyn Monroe everywhere, pink/white checkerboard and leopard print (kitten) and other animal suggestions (looks like a big cat sculpture). And of course the big picture of her ‘master’ Howard, to remind her of whose boss. It’s extremely telling that other Monarchs like Paris Hilton share many of these same themes and motifs (in the linked post see the ‘presidential model’ suggestions, the little dogs, MM stuff and Paris’ bedroom etc) that seem to follow them (and most other Monarch kittens) throughout their lives.

Rule Britannia! Britannia rules the slaves! Britain(‘s rulers/Illuminists) never never never shall stop abusing slaves! [altered lyrics of patriotic/Imperial bullshit ‘Rule, Britannia!’ for no reason in particular]

Many MK slaves are used in this way, paraded in front of a big stadium to sing a song or something else (then used for ‘other things’ after by the executives and such), note the child-like pig tails and the leopard-print bra (+ another tattoo).

She grew up in Mexia, Texas (tonnes of multigenerational abuse families there in bible belt America used in Monarch programming) apparently in her aunties home; here’s what she has to say about her mother and upbringing. Anna Nicole was sexually abused by her pedophile father Donald Ray Hogan (Donald Duck, ‘Ray’ middle name like Miley’s father Billy Ray Cyrus, and Hogan like Hulk Hogan who displays some behavior suggestive of his abuse of his daughter Brooke Hogan) as part of her government organized Monarch programming.

Anna Nicole and Bruce Willis at an opening (or something) of Planet Hollywood.

She was constantly being dragged around by a huge bodyguard/handler (like this one) and virtually every picture of Howard (above left) and Anna shows Howard holding onto her like a possession. From Bitten & Bound posting on it: “It seems Stern had a penchant for photographing and filming Smith in drugged states. Alarming pictures of a previous drug overdose, taken from Stern’s camera, showed her naked and covered with vomit.”, the pictures are pretty disturbing if you follow the link.

I’ll finish this post off with Anna Nicole’s David LaChapelle shoot which is pretty overt in it’s depiction of her as a mind controlled Presidential Model sex-slave (note the pink/white matches up to the pink/white checkerboard in her [small; which fits into Marilyn’s living conditions also, though that may not have been Anna’s actual bedroom of course] bedroom which no doubt relates to her colour programming).

Note the mannequin glass torsos, with the head, legs and arms dismembered which is psychological symbolism I’ve gone into before (losing ‘pieces’/’parts’ of your self in programming, dividing/splitting you up into parts, symbolic of having no control; having them made of glass [easily shattered] is doubly symbolic) posed seductively over a mirrored floor (being “up in the clouds” is probably symbolic of dissociation). And this one couldn’t be any clearer portraying AnnA as ‘Presidential Model’ like the original kitten, Marilyn Monroe. Inside a mock ‘Air Force One’ with (what are supposed to represent) the Presidents legs relaxed watching the programmed kitten (a scene that has sadly probably repeated itself many many times in reality).

Howard K. Stern

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This article is about the attorney. For the radio host, see Howard Stern.

Howard Kevin Stern (born November 29, 1968) is an American attorney. He is the former domestic partner and agent of model and actress Anna Nicole Smith.[1][2] He became known as a co-star on Smith’s 2002 – 2004 reality television series The Anna Nicole Show.


Early life

Stern was born to a Jewish[3] family and raised in Los Angeles, California. He graduated with a B.A. degree from the University of California, Berkeley. in 1990[4] and received his Juris Doctor degree from the University of California, Los Angeles. He was admitted to the State Bar of California on February 25, 1994.[5]

Career and relationship with Anna Nicole Smith

Stern’s law firm first handled Anna Nicole Smith‘s modeling contracts in the mid 1990s. Stern met Anna Nicole Smith in 1997, two years after the death of her husband J. Howard Marshall. When she fought for the Marshall’s fortune, Stern presented her direct examination at the trial. Stern’s law firm was dissolved around the time he became a co-star on The Anna Nicole Show (2002 – 2004).[6] Stern maintained an apartment in Santa Monica, California, from which he operated a business called Hot Smoochie Lips, Inc.,[7] a talent agency that had Anna Nicole Smith as a client.

On September 10, 2006, Stern was with Smith when her son, Daniel Wayne Smith, died in Nassau, Bahamas, while visiting his mother and newborn half-sister. Bahamian Police and the Inquest declared Daniel’s death as an accidental overdose on antidepressants and methadone. No foul play was involved.[8]

On September 28, 2006, Stern and Smith exchanged wedding vows in a legally nonbinding ceremony in Nassau, Bahamas. The ceremony was officiated by a Baptist minister.[9]

Smith died on February 8, 2007, less than five months after Daniel. According to the Florida court overseeing her estate, Smith left everything to Daniel in a 16-page will that named Stern as executor of the Estate.[10]

On February 21, 2007, hearings commenced before the Hon. Larry Seidlin in Florida’s Broward County Circuit Court over the disposition of Smith’s remains. The proceedings were televised live, and broadcast on the internet. Denying motions by Smith’s mother, Virgie Arthur, and Stern, Seidlin awarded custody of Smith’s body to her infant daughter, Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern via attorney Richard Milstein, whom Seidlin appointed the baby’s guardian ad litem. Smith was buried next to Daniel in the Bahamas.[11]

Paternity dispute

On September 26, 2006, Stern claimed in an interview with Larry King on CNN that he was Dannielynn’s father; celebrity photographer Larry Birkhead also claimed that he was Dannielynn’s father.[12] The Bahamian birth certificate lists the daughter’s name as Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern with Howard K. Stern as the father.[13] Stern and Smith were reportedly staying in the Bahamas to avoid paternity testing in the United States.[14]

On February 9, 2007, following the death of Anna Nicole Smith, it was revealed that Stern had custody of Smith’s child, Dannielynn.[15] Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt, the current husband of actress Zsa Zsa Gabor, also claimed to be the father of the baby girl and threatened to file a lawsuit for custody.[16]

On April 10, 2007, a Bahamian court determined from DNA evidence presented by court-appointed DNA expert Dr. Michael L. Baird that Larry Birkhead is the father of Dannielynn.[17] Stern announced that he would not contest the ruling and would help Birkhead obtain sole custody. The court ordered Stern to repay $10,000 in court costs for the abandoned appeal.[18]

Prosecution for conspiracy

On March 13, 2009, the California Attorney General and Los Angeles County District Attorney announced that they would be charging Stern, Dr. Sandeep Kapoor and Dr. Khristine Eroshevich of conspiring to “commit the crimes of prescribing, administering and dispensing controlled substances to an addict” and “unlawfully prescribing a controlled substance” in regards to the death of Anna Nicole Smith.[1] Stern, described as the “principal enabler”, faces six felony counts.[2]

The trial began August 4, 2010, in Los Angeles. Stern, Kapoor and Eroshevich pleaded not guilty. Prosecutor Renee Rose read from Kapoor’s journal about alleged improper contact with Smith. Stern’s lawyer Steven Sadow said his client claimed to have depended on the knowledge of the doctors.[19]

On October 28, 2010, Stern and Dr. Eroshevich were found guilty, but Kapoor was acquitted.[20][21] All but one of these convictions, however, were set aside three months later by Judge Robert Perry in a ruling handed down on January 6, 2011, in Los Angeles. The judge indicated there had been no evidence brought forth to show that Stern intended to break the law by using assumed names to acquire multiple drug prescriptions for Ms. Smith. The single conviction which remained standing, a felony charge of fraud against Dr. Eroshevich, was reduced to a misdemeanor; judge Perry then ordered the doctor to serve twelve months’s probation, and fined her $100.[citation needed]

On October 18, 2012 the California 2nd District Court of Appeals reversed Stern’s and Dr. Khristine Elaine Eroshevich’s dismissal order and directed the trial judge to reinstate the verdict and before sentencing rule on the other issues raised in new trial motion.[22]

Libel and defamation lawsuits

L. Lin Wood was the lead attorney for Howard K. Stern in the Rita Cosby libel suit.[23][24][25] The Defamation suit against Texas lawyer John O’Quinn, and defended Howard K. Stern in defamation case brought by Smith’s estranged mother Virgie Arthur. Mrs. Arthur’s lawsuit was dismissed before the trial in 2010 after TMZ, CBS and other defendants won summary judgment. Lin Wood also represented Howard K. Stern as the Executor of Smith’s Estate in federal action against developer G. Ben Thompson of South Carolina, his son-in-law Ford Shelley Jr., Susan M. Brown, Esq. for misappropriation and theft of estate property.

Journalist Rita Cosby alleged in the book Blonde Ambition: The Untold Story Behind Anna Nicole Smith’s Death, released on September 4, 2007, that Smith’s nannies revealed that a sex tape existed of Howard K. Stern and former rival Larry Birkhead engaged in a homosexual relationship. However, a lawyer for the nannies threatened to file suit, claiming that the nannies never spoke about such an encounter between Stern and Birkhead.[26] After Stern filed a $60-million libel suit against Cosby and her publisher in October 2007,[27] a spokesperson for the nannies claimed that Cosby offered bribes in an unsuccessful attempt to contact the nannies.[28]

In July 2009, in a court hearing on whether to dismiss the lawsuit, Stern’s attorney claimed that in deposition of the suits, Cosby admitted there was no videotape and could not prove other allegations. Cosby replied to the Stern lawsuit by saying “…we are solid on our facts more than ever…we are sure of what we have. I think it’s pretty surprising that these guys would launch some frivolous lawsuit to deflect and to smear and to intimidate and it’s not going to work.”[29] The book was a New York Times bestseller.[dead link][30] In August 2009, federal judge Denny Chin ruled that “Cosby’s actions are extremely troubling, and suggest that she was attempting to obstruct justice by tampering with witnesses” and allowed most of Stern’s US$60-million lawsuit against Cosby and her publisher, Hachette, to proceed.[31] Three months later, the lawsuit was withdrawn as settled,[32] but no information has been released on the terms of this out-of-court settlement.


  1. Rose Speaks,withdrawn as settled

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Dannielynn Birkhead is growing up gorgeous.

The daughter of the late Anna Nicole Smith and Larry Birkhead made an appearance at the Kentucky Derby on Saturday in Louisville, Ky. — an annual tradition for the father and daughter — looking quite the little lady. Now eight years old, Dannielynn was adorable in a pink Monsoon dress adorned with roses, matching sandals and a floral headband, and clutched a bedazzled silver bag on the red carpet.

The annual horse race is an especially sentimental event for Dannielynn and Larry, given that Larry first met Anna Nicole at a Kentucky Derby party in May 2004.

PHOTOS: Remembering Anna Nicole Smith

In August 2013, Larry talked to OWN about raising their daughter as a single dad.

“Sometimes she wants to put makeup on me, or fingernail polish or whatever, and I try to go along with it ’cause I figure if her mom were here, she would be doing some of the same things,” Larry shared.

“Dannielynn knows that there’s this curiosity factor,” he added about her comprehension of fame, “because of who her mom was, and that she’s famous and that people want to know about her.”

VIDEO: Inside Dannielynn Birkhead’s World

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